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Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan

Being a North India’s 27 year old secular, non-sectarian, social development organization that works since 1990 mainly for advancing of rural research & development; combating poverty, hunger and acute malnutrition; advancing the minorities social and economic welfare centric projects. At ,Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan, which means in English, “Public Life Building Foundation”, we are all here to be a service to those who can’t be a service to themselves! We can give people and more reasons for being human.”

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Rural Research Development Projects

Rural Research and Development Center is engaged to do the activities in each year as the below;

Women Empowerment Program:

Rural Development Program:

Under the rural development, chowpal program was organized in Shiyopura village, the was held on national society security scheme, wheat storage, protected crops, seeds and the use of modern agricultural tools.

Health Program:

Safe Drinking Water:

In rural and backward areas of block Deeg and Vayana, awareness program was held in 8 villages about the use of safe drinking water, disease caused by polluted water. In this workshop, the information was given to the people regarding the watershed management and mismanagement of ground water. In 16 villages of block water pounds are cleaned and slogans were written.

Minority Welfare Program:

Environmental Awareness Program:

Environmental awareness rally was organized and people were given information about the causes of environmental pollution and its prevention and the lectures were given on the importance of clean environment in the program. Hand pump was cleaned and slogans were written.

AIDS/HIV Awareness Program:

One day AIDS/HIV Awareness Workshop was conducted in the sub block of Vayana. In the workshop, the Resource Person Mr. Rajesh delivered lecture in detail regarding the misinformation about the AIDS/HIV, causes and its prevention. Mr. Mat Sumanwalapchori showed the photo exhibition on the AIDS/HIV to the society.

Seasonal Disease and Prevention:

Environmental Protection Program:

Plant the trees, protect the country, two day`s workshop was organized in Kumher sub block of district Bharatpur and Kathumar district Alwar respectively, to change the perspective of people regarding the trees. The conversation was taken place on the issues of importance of trees, its advantages, plantation and the significance role of trees to protect the environment. In kumher and Kathumar village slogans were written and plantation was done with the support of people in different villages.

Educated Youth Awareness Program:

Unemployment is a serious problem in the present day, most of the youths are in trouble due to lack of employment, for such kind of youths one day youth awareness workshop was held in Vayana, Deeg and Kanma village of Bharatpur respectively, to change youth mind set up and lead to straight way. In the workshop, information was given to youth about the different govt. schemes, training for opening small enterprise and availability of raw material in the market.

Old Age and Child Care Program:

Free health checkup camp was organized in Panhori, Khoh, Januthar, roopwas and Deeg for old age people, health checkup was done by Homeopathic Dr. Shiyamparasher and free medicines were provided to the beneficiaries by the organization.

Most often this workshop, issues were discussed such as care during the pregnancy, immunization, nutrition, prenatal and post-natal care by the expert. The women living in rural areas are affected to malnutrition during the pregnancy due to lack of information which caused adverse effect on the mother and child health. For the purpose of creating awareness among these women, awareness workshop was organized in Panhori, Neemla, Iklair village and block Deeg and Kanma.