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Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan

Being a North India’s 27 year old secular, non-sectarian, social development organization that works since 1990 mainly for advancing of rural research & development; combating poverty, hunger and acute malnutrition; advancing the minorities social and economic welfare centric projects. At ,Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan, which means in English, “Public Life Building Foundation”, we are all here to be a service to those who can’t be a service to themselves! We can give people and more reasons for being human.”

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Combat Malnutrition Center

          This is an ambitious project to combat hunger and malnutrition. The project is aimed at benefiting and Saving Lives of Acute Malnourished Children an area which is known for predominantly malnourished families of India and the inhabitants of District Baran of Rajasthan. and The project will be catering the need of Sahariya people in 60 villages in Shahabad block of Baran district in Rajasthan state with special focus on 6000 Sahariya families who have even no funds to pay for fare and medicine expenses to access Malnutrition Treatment Centre (MTC) set up by State Government of Rajasthan with the financial assistance of UNICEF , however it will also be benefitting many other people, government departments, Panchayati Raj Institutions and civil society organizations indirectly. The project is planned to deal with the issue of food insecurity and severe malnutrition among women, children and men from Sahariya community through short term relief as well as long term sustainable measures to permanently eradicate this problem from this region. In this process of project implementation the effort of the project would strengthen the functioning of the ICDS centres as well as increase the health status data of the region which will positively impact the image and quality of women and children development department, similarly the development of micro plans will help the panchayat in developing micro plans for other panchayats.

           Survival of the Sahariya children is on stake because of continuous deprival and neglect by the duty    bearers and service providers. Sahariya community (women, men, boys and girls) has witnessed an age long exploitation process resulting comparatively week reflection and action process. The community lack information as well as awareness on better health and sanitation practices with an addition of damaging social and cultural practices like child marriage, denial of colostrums etc. The community at various levels (father, mother and child) doesn’t have equal and sufficient access to resources to meet the basic food and nutrition requirement. The ill habits like consumptions of alcohol have further aggravated the problem of access of resources to children. The conditions of hygiene and cleanliness among Sahariya are at worst. The implementation of various government schemes and programs meant for people in general and Sahariya in particular are not as per the spirit. The capacities of the service providers for various provisions like ICDS, health services and education is very poor with low sensitivity and high prevalence of corruption. The support structures like SMC, VHSC and PRI are inactive and not competent enough to deliver the desired roles and responsibilities.


           “Combat  Malnutrition Centre” is an ambitious Centre to adopt the Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition approach. Involving caregivers and authorities in planning processes for identification, treatment, and prevention of malnutrition. Without this, there will be no change in the statistics. Immediate and Long-term objectives are as mentioned below.


Long term:

          The Centre’s approach is to identify and correctly diagnose the most affected children of Sahariya Community, and treat them using therapeutic food and micronutrients. Locally-trained community workers then follow up with home visits to ensure children do not return to an under nourished state. Pregnant women and young mothers are educated on the importance of varied nutrition, based on local product availability and affordable local items. We also undertake awareness-raising campaigns in the Sahariya community to create an understanding of undernutrition, and promote the implementation of nutrition policies at local, block and district government levels. Combat  Malnutrition Centre upholds the humanitarian mandate to save the lives of malnourished children; ensure everyone can access clean water, food, training and healthcare; enable sahariya community- a primitive vulnerable tribal group- to be free from hunger of Sahabad Block of Baran District of Rajasthan.

The project i.e. Combat Malnutrition  Centre is planned with multiple approaches and strategies to address the existing situation of deprivation and vulnerability. The Centre on one hand is increasing the level of information and capacities of the community through various means like training, awareness campaign and exposures and on the other hand organizing them towards their issues through community organization process to enable them to raise their voice on appropriate platforms. The Centre is also constructively engaging the children and youth in the process through organizing them around the issues of their interest.

          The Centre promotes community-based approaches for the management of acute malnutrition. Severe acute malnutrition, the most serious form of hunger, is deadly if left untreated and threatens thousands of lives each year. For young children, the consequences of acute malnutrition are particularly severe and reach far into the future. The Centre is in high spirit to detect, treat and prevent acute malnutrition   in children so they can regain their health and fulfil their potential.

The Centre’s goal is to reach 16 thousand acute malnourished children, mothers and families by 2019.

 The Centre is mainly focus upon the areas of Nutrition, Mental Health & Care Practices and Campaigning & Influencing.

We will not rest until severe acute malnutrition is eradicated in Shahabad of Baran. The one thousand children who die of severe acute malnutrition each year deserve to live.