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Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan

Being a North India’s 27 year old secular, non-sectarian, social development organization that works since 1990 mainly for advancing of rural research & development; combating poverty, hunger and acute malnutrition; advancing the minorities social and economic welfare centric projects. At ,Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan, which means in English, “Public Life Building Foundation”, we are all here to be a service to those who can’t be a service to themselves! We can give people and more reasons for being human.”

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Dear Change Leader/Wisher,

Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan, which means in English, “Public Life Building Foundation” was established in 1990 by the community concerned citizens who had a vow to serve their community and empower the future generations through education and the provision of all financial and infrastructural opportunities leading to human resource development and enhancing the social functioning of the inhabitants of India. Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan–also abbreviated as “JEELONIS” was founded to enable people to respond to and change their situation of inequality and injustice. We focus on education and awareness, community involvement and collective action as the driving force of social and economic change. Our work is guided by the philosophy that a community should be viewed as a potential resource, that can be honed with the skills and knowledge that will help lift them out of situation of deprivation.

A need to bring a change has been felt. Instead of cursing the darkness it is better to light the candle. We are proud of the beginning that has been initiated way back in 1990-91. The founders of JEELONIS were the staunch followers of Gandhian Philosophy and the Custodian of Gandhian Values in letter and spirit; they united for the marginalized and committed to empower the Marginalized, along-with facilitating multiple projects with the District and Government and National funding agencies to serve and empower the Dalit, OBC and ST communities. As a leading secular, non-sectarian, humanitarian organization, JEELONIS's work is governed by the teachings of the Hon’ble Constitution of India and the directive principles of the State Welfare Policy. All the projects and schemes rendered and institutionalized by JEELONIS are just following the humanitarian mandate to empower the needy while being secular and just to promote social justice and empower the vulnerable and marginalized.

JEEVAN LOK NIRMAN SANSTHAN is registered under the following acts:

•           The Societies Registration Act.

•           The Income Tax Act, Section 12A of 1961.

•           The Income Tax Act, Section 80G of 1961.

•           The Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA) 1976.