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Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan

Being a North India’s 27 year old secular, non-sectarian, social development organization that works since 1990 mainly for advancing of rural research & development; combating poverty, hunger and acute malnutrition; advancing the minorities social and economic welfare centric projects. At ,Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan, which means in English, “Public Life Building Foundation”, we are all here to be a service to those who can’t be a service to themselves! We can give people and more reasons for being human.”

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Message from the Office of the Executive Director
Unite For a ‘Second Independence Movement’

I would like to briefly recall the moment in North India’s history when our community elders of the time launched the Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan to spearhead our struggle for empowerment. JEELONIS brought hope at a time when there was crippling poverty, illiteracy and dowry and the child marriage was highly acceptable. Over the last 27 years the Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan has restored hope, arrested that sense of helplessness and drift. Today’s India is living in the international context of globalization, which has both opportunities and challenges for us as Indian EWS & the Marginalized. We have taken note of the severe economic and social inequities, the poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, corruption, discrimination, communalism and hate-mongering. We have taken the lead from Sachar Committee Report, Rangnath Mishra Commission Report, NSSO and other reports to lobby with the powers that be at the Centre to have Minorities issues addressed by the Union and state governments. The Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan has also been coordinating with other weak and marginalized sections like Dalits, tribes, other minorities and working-class groups.

We as a community have to work harder to scrutinize government plans and projects for the uplift of the minorities and the marginalized and prepare an action plan appropriately. Obviously, all this cannot be done by a single organization.

The Jeevan Lok Nirman Sansthan’s role has to be that of a facilitator between different organizations to forge a unified front of Minorities & Marginalized organizations for us to live with our own identity and dignity within India and the wider world. Let us (the Civil Society organization’s fraternity) pledge to continue with our awareness programs and projects to assert our role in the country. It is our country and we have played a crucial role in its independence. We would not allow its freedom and integrity to be jeopardized. At the time of independence, Mahatma Gandhi had said it was not complete independence and we would have to work for our economic and social freedom in the years ahead.

We pledge to get our country rid of poverty, malnutrition, disease corruption, illiteracy, communal hatred, discrimination and state oppression. That is going to be our contribution to the second freedom movement. Let’s all brace and get ready for it.